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MIT students launch ambitious mentorship program for graduate admissions in electrical engineering and computer science

The student-run program pairs underrepresented applicants with graduate student mentors, and will be among the largest in the U.S.

Cambridge MA, September 15, 2020—Graduate students from MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) announced today the launch of a new mentorship program for students from underrepresented backgrounds applying to graduate programs in electrical engineering and computer science. This initiative, called the Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP), will be one of the largest student-run graduate mentorship programs in the United States in its first year, pairing nearly 100 committed mentors with as many as 200 applicants from underrepresented backgrounds. Applicants and their mentors will work closely together throughout the fall semester to refine key application materials including personal and research statements to improve the graduate school application experience and outcomes. As the application deadline approaches, GAAP will additionally offer a series of office hours for program participants putting the finishing touches on their application materials.

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